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Rocks brittany

Rocks on brittany's beach by Emmanuel Pineau

Rocks on a beach in Brittany, 2009.

I’m back on analog photography, I’m digging my archives and shooting new pictures with my old medium format camera. Such a great pleasure.

First of May

Trush in a glass, Paris 2016 by Emmanuel Pineau

Thrush in a glass, Paris 2016

This is a French tradition to offer a sprig of thrush on the first of May, to wish good luck to the ones you love.

Pulpalicious, « How I feel » music video by Sophie Delaporte, 15.11.09

Pulpalicious, aka PLPS, reveals their new music video « How I feel » directed by Sophie Delaporte and produced by Première Heure (Why Us). For the video, the four musicians play behind the one-way mirror of a peep show booth in a reference to the famous Wim Wenders movie, « Paris Texas », in front of four energetic and seductive girls. The music leads the girls and the DJs in a struggle that ends in an explosion of color. The cast includes amazing dancers, namely Claire Tran and Charlotte Siepiora.




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