It started with the picture of a stone, a pebble that I picked up on a beach in Brittany. Nothing particular about it, maybe a bit bigger than the others around. I came back home with it. This stone became one of my favourite subjects for quite a long time, I can be obsessive sometimes. To someone asking me why I photograph so many stones, I replied that they were there before me, will be there after me and that they should be the only thing to survive us. Not necessarily with the exact same shape, maybe totally different, but still there. 

This idea brings to me a kind of a new hierarchy in the subjects I consider. I realized that whatever the place I am, I always get myself attracted by the same things. In this series, I turn my eyes on the insignificant, on small fragile things. Because in this impermanent state, hides the beauty of the world. After all, it’s only a matter of time, or maybe only time matters. The time a tree needs to grow, the water to dry on a dish, the light to hit a wall… So I consider this work as a celebration to the beauty or fragility of living in every single moment, even in the most well-worn. This is « one piece of my mind ».