black and white analog photography by emmanuel pineau

Black and white analog photography:

I came back to my old Bronica  and the Kodak Tmax 100 for this series shot this summer in West of France.
As usual I process the film myself, in small Jobo tank. For many years I use Kodak HC110 developper (1+31 or 1+63) because I like the ease of liquide developper and the the great keeping properties of HC110.
Black and white is what I like and analog photography is my passion. I’ve been doing this since I started photography when I was a kid and never stop since then. I always try to keep up on my technic and improve my processing in the idea to get the best result possible and above all the image I had in my I released the shutter…

Update : 03/03/2022

I’ve recently change a bit my film porcessing, using more and more Kodak X-tol as my main developper. It gives me a better control on the highlights and overall sharpness. Also using a rotary processor make the process more even. I wrote an article about my experience with X-tol.